CrossCode: Hi-Lights + 0.8 Release Date


Hello everyball!

End of September is drawing close and we promised an update to version 0.8. We’ll keep that promise… with just a few days delay!

The release of version 0.8 is scheduled for October 3, 2016!

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CrossCode: CrossWeek Completed!


The 4th CrossWeek has just been completed! 6 Radical Fishes met somewhere in Hannover and worked on CrossCode full-time for 8 days straight!
It has been a tremendously productive time – and also a lot of fun!

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CrossCode: Hi-Lights of the unspecified time period + next CrossWeek!


Hello everyball!

It’s time for more Hi-Lights that we can’t call “weekly” with a straight face anymore. Sorry!

But at least we are closing in towards the next big release, weeee~!

And there’s also another special announcement further down!

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CrossCode: Finally a new Trailer!

It’s been way over a year. Today we finally release a new trailer for CrossCode:

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CrossCode: Hi-lights of the …Weeks!!


Okay, we know, we know. We’re late again with our “weekly” Hi-Lights. We got got caught up in work and maybe playing Overwatch! So we’re not to blame, right?

Anyway, let’s get right into this because this Hi-Light has tons of new stuff for the upcoming update, so grab some popcorn and get comfy!

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