Project Terra Progress

Greetings, everyball, and welcome to 2022!

We’re a little bit late, but we hope you had a Happy Easter holiday!
(Art by YuiKannon)

Well, it sure has been a while, huh? Lots of things happening in the world and we just kinda vanished, so let us have a talk about what we did.

The great news first: The production of Project Terra officially started in February! Since then we made steady progress we would like to share with you!

Also, we released the hopefully last CrossCode-hotfix! Less bugs than ever before!

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Project Terra Prototype Completed

Hello everyball!

It has been some time since our last post. In the mean time, we’ve been busy wrapping up our prototype for Project Terra. Now we have a couple exciting things to show! Also: CrossCode Console Update
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CrossCode 3rd Anniversary 1.4.2 Update and moving on with Project Terra

Hello, everyball!

On this day, 3 years ago, the 1.0.0 full version of CrossCode was officially released for PC, after years of development and Long-Early-Access. We will celebrate this special occasion with a gift to all our supporters and also use the chance to give you an update on our next game, Project Terra!

CrossCode Version 1.4.2 Release

We will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of CrossCode with the last proper (non-hotfix..) release, which would be version 1.4.2!

Luckily it contains almost no new content that we had to actively work on, because the main change would be the removal of the exclusivity of the “Platform-Exclusive Quests”. That’s right, now players on PC can also do the quests that were only available on Switch/XBox/Playstation before, and the same will be true for all the consoles, once the version will be released on them in the near future! Of course this also means that all the related pets can now be found by everyone!

And as an additional goodie, we also added another Custom Cup which allows re-fighting battles from those quests with adaptive levels, so even high-level DLC characters with ascended gear are in for a challenge!

Other changes include Combat Arts for an ally that mysteriously never got any (whoops…), a 5 years overdue fix of a legendary bug regarding music-looping and some more minor bug fixes, typo fixes and balance tweaks!

Project Terra

Regarding our next project, so far known as Project Terra, we are still working on a playable prototype while also refining our editors and creative vision.

In a recent post we also presented the design of our main heroine, Juno! The reception was very positive and we almost instantly received amazing artworks by fans!

For now, we’re still focusing on getting all the core mechanics worked out.

If you’re curious about our next game, make sure to keep an eye on our blog and Twitter, where we’ll post most of our progress.



And with all that being said, it’s time to finally say goodbye to CrossCode after almost 10 years of development.

Thank you so much for supporting us over all those years!

Now, it’s time for us to focus on new things!

Special thanks to YuiKannon, who has done many CrossCode-fanarts in the past, for drawing those amazing artworks! You’ll likely see more art from her in our future posts.

When You Know, You know!

Project Terra has been in the works for 9 Months now and we are super happy with the progress. Our last Post has been a while so we thought it’s time to update you guys.
But not just with progress, but with the introduction of Project Terra’s very own protagonist! That’s right folks. It’s time.

Please welcome everyone: Juno o’ Lira!

Here she is, oh boy oh boy. Releasing the design of the character sure is scary. Well anyway. This is her. The protagonist for our new game. Let’s get to know her a bit, shall we?

Juno might look confident in that picture – and she really is when it comes to handling a weapon – but otherwise you’ll find her to be a calm and almost shy person. She prefers the quiet places of nature and likes to avoid crowds of people. She doesn’t mind animals though and in fact, they tend to flock around her. Also she’s not a picky eater. She eats everything. Almost literally.
Next to a sword, Juno will be able to use many more different weapons, both melee and ranged. Yes, that means Project Terra will feature multiple weapons that you will be able to switch through. More on this in a later post though!

Okay, this will have to suffice for now… But we’ll make sure to reveal more when the time comes. Also: Everything is still very much WIP. So while we’re super happy with the design of her character, things like weapon designs and such might still change.

That said, her design isn’t the only thing we worked on. Oh no. She’s already in the game! Say Hello, Juno:

As you can see, quite a lot has changed. While there’s surely more polish to be done, her model is already fully added to the game. Including some new hot attack/shoot animations and a combo system that lets you string together various attacks based on hold, delayed- or dash attacks.
There’s a lot going on under the hood but this post is mostly about Juno so let’s talk about these updates another time! However, feel free to ask us any questions on the usual social media platforms or in our stream on Twitch!

Well… That’s all for now folks. Expect more Juno art in the future as we can finally show her design freely, woohoo.

The Team


CrossCode DLC Console Release Date

It’s in the image!

The CrossCode “A New Home” DLC will release for PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on August 5th – in about a week!

And with this, our final addition to CrossCode will finally hit consoles!

Sorry it took so long. You know how it is with certification on consoles:
It takes time.

Also one last thing:

In case you’re interested in CrossCode merch and wondered what happened with those T-Shirt Designs we posted like… years ago?
Maybe something will finally come out of it, after all. Stay tuned!

About our next game

Yes, we’re still working on that Project Terra prototype for our next game!

Here is a tweet from some time ago that gives you a first impression of what moving around will look like:

Note: That character and the animations are still very much WIP.

We already made more progress since then and will likely post more stuff soon!

… And that’s all!

Until next time!